How to Protect Your Glass Top Dining Table

The maintenance and protect a glass top dining table is necessary to protect it from damage. If you neglect to good care of it and keeping it on a regular maintenance schedule at least once a week will consume its value and durability, in order to continue for a long period of time, you should learn how to protect it.
Glass dining tables have several designs and styles, if you want to keep them in the best shape; you should an understanding how to protect them.


I'm sure you spent some of money to get an excellence glass table, and you absolutely want to protect it. In the next few lines we will explain how to take care of glass top dining tables.

Consider the room where the glass top dining table is going to be as well as the people who will be using that room. If your family is very active and uses things very hard you will need to take many steps to protect that glass table.

How to protect  your glass dining table?

Step 1

The immediate danger

To keep your glass top table from breaking, Keep it out of the immediate danger zone of the room and make sure that people are not going to drop things on, find yourself without the piece of furniture you love.

Step 2

Direct sunlight

Do not expose your table to direct sunlight. Glass might shatter if it is exposed long time to the heat of the sun. The design of the frame of the table fades because of the extreme heat of the sun.

Step 3

A table runner 

When the table is not in use for family meals, a table cloth is sufficient protection for your table. It will prevent water rings, should kids put a glass on the table and it will prevent accidental scratches that could happen.

table-runner Of course if you have a gorgeous table, you might be reluctant to hide it under a table cloth, when you are not eating, and I don't blame you. In that case you make sure there are thing beneath anything set on the glass dining table. For example, a doily under a lamp, a coasters, perhaps even a table runner that goes across the table that gives everyone a place to set things down without impacting the glass table top. Make sure that it is not too wide, and that it extends about 25 to 30 cm on each side.

Step 4

Rubber pads for table legs

 rubber-padsPut Small rubber pads under the feet of the table to protect it from the vibrations whenever the door is slammed shut

Feature rubber pads

  • Stops glass dining table from sliding on any hard floor.
  • Protects all flooring even under heavy conditions.
  • No Adhesive Necessary. No Nails. No Glue. 
  • Easy and fast.

  • assembly
    • Place under leg 
    • No Glue needed
    • Weight of table keeps pad in place 
    Step 5

    Now set up a maintenance schedule for your glass top dining table.

    A maintenance schedule includes a sum of things.

    1. Get rid of the dust in the first place, it is very easy for dust to gather on a glass top dining table and inside that dust are atoms of dirt that can really scratch the surface of the table if they are scrubbed into the surface.
    • Use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass top regularly. 
    • Use a duster but you should be careful in order to do not scratch your glass table.
    2. Keep the table clean. It could be a couple drops of wine or soda out of a glass that have created a sticky surface. There are a sum of things that can cause dirt streaks and marks on your glass top dining table. No matter what has caused it you want to get this off of your table before it does any harm. 
    • Use a dry cloth to completely dry the surface and make sure the table glass looks as new as you want it to.
    3. Finally use a little glass cleaner to wrap things up as this actually makes your table shine like new and eliminates any other dust or small particles that may be sitting behind.

    Make sure you keep with this maintenance schedule at least once a week, more often if there is a lot of activity, dust or dirt in your home, to keep those glass top tables looking like new for years to come.

    These are some good tips to care of your glass to dining table. If you follow these tips carefully, you will get the top results. Finally, we all wish that our glass top dining table look at good and life forever!

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