How to Arrange a Glass Top Dining Table

Every woman likes to appear in the attractive appearance, whether in her form or body, or even the appearance that appears inside the house, the glass top dining table arrangement is important in addition to the beautiful and delicious cooking style. The housewife after preparing the dishes with the distinctive taste to provide to guests or people who will eat those dishes and the arrangement of the dining table governed by a set of rules the laws, which we will inform you in detail below.

arrange a glass top dining table

How to arrange a glass top dining table

  • Put the appropriate tablecloth to suit the decor and curtains of the room. Do not hang on the sides more than 30 cm from each end. If you were making an open buffet table, it would not be a problem if the mattress was long; guests would not sit on this table.
  • When you are rectangular, the chairs are best suited for people to sit in front of each other. We can also cover the chairs with a light colored cloth that matches the color of the table top, and be careful not to hang the chair more than 30 centimeters. 
  • Place the dishes on the table according to the food served, usually put the dish under the small, and the knives on the right, spoons on the left, taking care that the handles are not more than two centimeters from the end of the table, but if the soup is on the menu, place a bowl of deep soup over the flat dish. 
  • Put the cutlery (knives, spoons, and tongs) on the number of dishes on the dining table, taking into consideration that the teeth are to the top, and remember before placing them that do not show fingerprints on them, Leave them shiny, and remove them from the end of the table about two centimeters, and to be located to the left of the dish. 
  • Place a cup of water on the dining table from the right for the guest, and be above the edge of the knife, and fill it before guests sit directly, and be careful not to be full to avoid spillage of content on the guest 
  • Arrange the tableware so that the knife is on the right of the dish, and its edge towards the dish, and spoons near the knife away from the dish, and the roaches to the left of the dish, and remember that the teeth to the top, and the warnings of the adjacent pieces of each other, Without touching the other, and all of them after finishing arranged in parallel, so that the last tools are a parallel line together. 
  • Put a bouquet of small flowers not hanging, remember not to be high do not obscure the vision of the guests. 
  • Place the napkins on the table. 
  • Arrange the table according to the guests, including dishes, chairs, cups, and everything. Make sure that the seats are separated so that the spaces are suitable, so guests do not bother each other. 
After arranging the table and leaving the guests, the table cleaning time comes so you can Learn How to Clean Glass Top Dining Table 

Tips for arranging a glass top dining table

  • Make sure the number of people who eat on the table, to prepare the pots and cups with the correct number, taking care that the dishes are complete, not broken, scratched or tanned, in addition to be identical in color and engravings. 
  • Make sure cleaning the table completely before putting the tools on them, and stay away from the use of cloth bedspreads if the table is not classical. 
  • Avoid mixing main dishes and fruit dishes or desserts on the table, where sweets or fruits can be served after finishing eating and removing dishes.
  • Make sure that the thorns, cutlery and spoons used are not broken or retouched, in addition to being free from stains and rust.

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