How to Remove Candle Wax From Glass Top Dining Table

Candles are characterized by their ability to create a romantic atmosphere in addition to its beautiful smell, But the problem facing the housewife is the fall of wax drops on the glass top dining table, The wax begins to collect dust and pet hair, Making the table look old and ugly, But do not be afraid of it anymore. In this topic we will learn simple and quick methods to get rid of the wax spilled on your  glass top dining table and keep it to look new.

Method one :

Melting wax

When you’re cleaning candle drippings from glass top dining table, you need to make sure you’re not scratching the glass itself.

Heat the wax. You know that if wax dries, you will find hard to eliminate it, but you can simply be liquid it again by heat. In the case of melted; it will be very simply to remove.

Using a Hair Dryer


You’ll need:

  1. A hair dryer
  2. Microfiber cloths
  3. Streak-free window cleaner

Now following these steps:

  1. Hold the hair dryer and press the power switch and then face the wax area on the table top until it turns into liquid state.
  2. Use a clean cloth dampened with water to remove the sticky wax from the table.
  3.  Sweep the glass. Remove any remaining residue or streaks with your window cleaner and a fresh cloth. Learn How to Clean Glass Top Dining Table
Note that you can melt the wax by using other methods
For example : You can use iron instead of a hair dryer, and do the same previous steps, but in this case place a piece of cloth wet on the wax, then put the hot iron on the cloth.

Using Iron Clothes

You’ll need:

  1. Iron Cloths
  2. paper towels

Now following these steps:

  1. Set an iron to medium heat
  2. Connecting the iron with electricity.
  3. make sure that it is hot by flick some water
  4. put a towels on wax
  5. get a fabric towel from kitchen and put it on paper towels to don't burn
  6. put the hot iron on the fabric towel, and start ironing
  7. Every two minutes remove it to check your development.
  8. Using new paper towels and replaces paper towels filled with wax.
  9. Repeat this step so that the wax is completely absorbed
  10. Turn off the iron.
  11. Wash the glass as usual to clear the stain.

Safety rules:

  1. Never leave hot irons unattended, especially if they’re face down.
  2. Never touch it to make sure that it is hot, but you can know if it's hot or not by flick a little water at it.
  3. Make sure that a fabric kitchen towel is bigger than a paper towels and iron to avoid burning the paper towels

Method two :

Scraping Wax

Use this method as a last recourse after using the previous methods to remove as much wax as possible because this method has some risks and damages such as:

1. You may injure yourself
2. Scratching the glass

We agreed that this method will be used only to scrape the remaining small amounts of wax in order to avoid previous dangers

You’ll need:

  1. Plastic window scraper
  2. A lint-free cloth
  3. Glass cleaner

Now following steps:

  1. These steps come after wax has been reduced using the previous methods
  2. Use a window scraper to remove the wax
  3. Use a clean microfiber cloth to cadastre the wax from the glass top dining table.
  4. Remove any remaining residue or streaks with your window cleaner and a fresh cloth.
Note that you can use a razor blade, if you don’t have a plastic window scraper or if the brink isn’t acute enough, but you should be careful because the risk of damaging the surface is even greater.

Tips to protect your table from wax

  1. Use white candles and highest quality, the white wax doesn't have dye that will leave marks behind.
  2. Use candle holders to not drop the wax on the glass top dining table.
  3. Learn every thing about How to Protect Your Glass Top Dining Table

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