How to Assemble Elizabeth Glass Top Dining Table

If you have trouble assembly the table or bought a new table and want to assemble it correctly, now know how to assemble the dining table, a detailed explanation of each step using pictures.
Before you start assembling the parts of the table, you should read that information carefully so that you can finally assemble the table correctly without mistakes.

Important Information

  1. When you receive the table from the company representative or a shipping company, open the carton and make sure that the table is intact and not broken and make sure that all the parts of the table are available and to know it easily, remove the parts of the table from the box and put each part above the similar image on the surface of the box.
  2. If there is a broken or scratched or missing parts, contact the supplier immediately, and stop assembling the table until the problem is resolved with the company to maintain your right.
  3. If everything is perfect, you are ready to assemble the table but you should read the following set of warnings


Warnings before installation

  1. In addition to the above you should make sure that the area where the assembly is clean and preferably a level surface and soft to not scratch the table.
  2. Make sure that all machines and tools are good and ensure their quality so as not to cause damage to the table

Warnings during installation

  1. Be careful
  2. Do not tighten the screws, but you can do that at the end of the installation so you can complete all the steps easily.
  3. Someone else should help you complete the work.

Warnings after installation

So keep the table to stay with you forever
  1. Do not use the knife for cutting on the table top
  2. Do not put anything too hot or too cold on the glass table top so as not break
  3. Do not stand or sit on the table top


To avoid mistakes during installation, follow the following instructions, which will explain how to install the parts of the table step by step with illustrations in pictures how to use machines and tools.

Step 1

Now we will install the steel wedge (A) (as shown in the figure) in each of the holes in the leg (2)

You must make sure that the steel wedges are placed in the right direction. Repeat the same previous action with the other leg (2).

Step 2 

Now we will assemble the table legs (2) together with a stretcher. To do this, we must align the table leg (2) to the stretcher wooden (3) and put it together by placing screw (B) into the hole in the wood stretcher then using the Allen key (d) to tighten as it is in the shape. Repeat with the rest of the other screws.

Step 3 

We will now installing the glass support (c) in the upper part of the table legs. To do this, we remove the paper from the adhesive part of the glass and place it in the designated space as in the picture

Repeat the previous work with all other glass supports

Step 4

Now come to the most important step is the installation of glass at the top of the table (1), you need someone else to help you in this work.

Take up the glass from one end and the other person carries the other end of the glass and then places it gently on the upper part of the table.

Congratulations the installation of the glass table has been completed

Care instructions

Always try to clean your table in a correctly way and you can use these tips on how to clean the glass table

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