How to Assemble Montana Glass Top Dining Table Set

If you bought MONTANA GLASS Top DINING table SET 1+6 and you want to know how to assemble it, here we will show you all the steps of installing the table with pictures.

Important Information

  1. Remove all the table components from the box and remove the packaging from them.
  2. Place the ingredients on the box each piece above its shape and make sure that all the parts are present.
  3. If one of the components is missing or is broken, stop installing the table and contact the vendor or manufacturer.
  4. If you are sure that all the components are present and there is no break, the time for installing the table is now.
  5. Make sure you have all the appropriate tools (will be shown in the following pictures).


  1. Before installing the table make sure the ground is level
  2. Keep away from the use of electric machines in assembling the parts of the table (use only the tools described in the following explanation)
  3. When you assemble the parts of the table, tighten the screws only after you have assembled all the parts of the glass table
  4. Do not use the table top to sit or stand
  5. Avoid placing too hot or frozen foods on the surface of the glass table directly, but if placed on glass, it is preferable to separate them from the glass surface using table mats.
  6. Do not use the tabletop as a cutting surface
  7. The chair is used by one person only. Do not allow more than one person to sit at the same time so as not to crash
  8. Do not stand on the chair


To successfully assemble the table, follow the instructions step by step, you should read the instructions carefully and use the tools and parts in the correct place in the order shown in the pictures.

Note: If you do not check the components of the table inside the box check it out now before starting the installation.

First: Assembling the glass table structure

Parts list:
Bring the main parts of the glass table structure as shown in the figure.

Hardware list:
Make sure that all the following parts are available so that they do not waste time searching for them during the installation of the glass top dining table.
Step 1

First and foremost, make sure that the surface used to assemble the table is clean of things that may cause scratches to the glass or destroy it.

Now place the glass table surface on the floor and attach the pieces shown in the figure to the table top. Do not tighten the screws

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Second: Assembling the chair structure

Before starting to assemble the chair please check both the list of parts and hardware and make sure that all these components are available.

Parts list:
Hardware list:

Step 1

Bring both sides of the right and left chairs and the base of the chair as in the previous picture

Now attach nail installation to assemble the main structure of the chair, do not tighten the screws

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


  1. Do not use detergents containing abrasives because it causes scratches to the glass.
  2. Use a liquid soap wash with a damp cloth to clean the glass plate.

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