How to Assemble Statesville Glass Top Dining Table

If you are asking how to assemble statesville rectangular glass top dining table, model FTM70512, you are in the right place. Here we will explain the correct way to assemble the parts of the table with pictures and illustrative sentences.
statesville rectangular glass top dining table


Before assembly 

  1. Before anything you should remove the table from the box and check all parts and make sure it is intact.
  2. If there is a defect or a break in the parts of the table stop the assembly and contact the manufacturer or their representative to reach a solution either to replace or return the table.
  3. The same applies if there is a missing part.

During assembly 

  1. Be careful.
  2. Do not emphasize the screws, but do that after assembly.
  3. Do not assemble the table yourself, but ask for help from someone else to help you work.

After assembly 

  1. Do not sit or stand on the glass table top.
  2. Avoid cutting things on the tabletop.
  3. Do not use the tabletop to place large weights on the surface of the glass table.
  4. Keep the table stable and not vibrate.
  5. Place the table away from the heat source with sufficient distance.
  6. Use table ring to installation umbrella in the table.
  7. If the table is not used, cover and place in a safe place so that it does not break. 
you should read these articles to able to care your glass dining table


Before assembling, you must read the following instructions to avoid making mistakes and damaging the table

One of the most important assembly instructions is to assemble the glass table on surface soft ground.

NOTE: You may need someone Else's help to assemble the glass table.


hardware included assemble Statesville rectangular
NOTE: The Hardware is not in its actual size but has been shown for clarification and for use in the explanation


package contents assemble Statesville

Step 1:
assemble Statesville glass dining table
We will assemble both support tubes and glass table legs to the top of the table.
Place the table top (A) upside down on a soft surface.
Attach all the tubes (C) and the dining table legs (B) to the dining table top (A).
Now use combination bolts M6x15 (BB).

NOTE: using the Allen key (CC) to install all bolts.

Step 2:
assemble Statesville glass top dining table
Using M6x25 combination bolts (BB) to install the metal leg connector to the tubes (C) and the dining table legs (B).

NOTE: install all bolts by using the Allen key (CC).

Step 3:
assemble glass dining table
Tightening all screws
Once all screws are in place, fully emphasize all the screws.
In the end, adjusting the table to the top
You should make sure that all the parts are well connected before use.

Congratulations We have successfully completed the assembly of the glass top dining table

Care instructions

  1. Use safe cleaning techniques on the table and you can learn How to Protect Your Glass Top Dining Table.
  2. You should store the glass top dining table in a dry place away from heat and fire.
  3. Avoid stormy weather Do not leave the table blown wind or in place of rain or snow.

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